Erland Construction Hires MSI to Install HVAC System for New Hotel in Massachusetts

MSI Mechanical System recently started working at the construction site of Archer Hotel, a brand-new boutique hotel in Burlington, Massachusetts.

The jobsite of the new 4 story hotel is located on 3rd Ave, in the Northwest Park. Plans for the full service ‘boutique’ style hotel includes; 147-rooms, integrated structured parking, a full-service restaurant with meeting space (indoor and outdoor seating) and an ancillary health facility with a swimming pool.

MSI was hired for the project through Erland Construction, the general contractor on the job.

“Erland Construction is a great company and we are pleased to be part of their team in the construction of Archer Hotel,” said Brian Hooper, VP Operations, MSI Mechanical Systems. “Erland and MSI share the same mission and that’s delivering outstanding customer service that exceeds expectations.” MSI is responsible for the hotel’s entire HVAC system, “balancing energy use against visitor comfort is a big concern for hoteliers and those in the hospitality industry,” said Hooper. “Energy costs are the second highest operating cost element in the hospitality industry and over half of of those energy costs are related to heating and cooling. The HVAC system we install will provide hotel visitors with great comfort with consistent and desirable temperatures, quiet unit operation and superior air quality plus deliver on energy efficiency.”

The hotel is expected to be completed later this year. 

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