MSI Mechanical and Integrated Builders has successfully completed a new office space for AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions this past January. MSI provided AdvantEdge with a 38,000 square foot interior renovation for their office space. “The collaboration of the project team allowed for the smooth and successful development of this project,” commented Sean Burgess, Project Manager at Integrated Builders. “Our goal was to provide AdvantEdge with a new office space that was functional, efficient, and fostered new levels of teamwork.” Within AdvantEdge’s interior office, Integrated Builders and MSI worked with TAO Architects and Engineered Systems, Inc. to outfit the space with an open-office layout and installed new mechanical and electrical services. Following an open design concept, Integrated Builders provided AdvantEdge with high multi-tiered ceilings, several new conference rooms and a new break room. Additionally, MSI installed new HVAC systems including 11 rooftops, which will efficiently maintain temperature control while minimizing the intrusive footprint of the system on the interior.


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