EMC Franklin

EMC Franklin

Established in 1979, EMC is the world’s leading supplier of intelligent enterprise storage and retrieval technology and designer of systems for mainframes, open systems and midrange environments. They are based in Hopkinton, MA with more than 100 sales offices and distribution centers world-wide, and a workforce of nearly 7,000 employees. To accommodate the growing number of employees and customers EMC is constantly building to expand and upgrade their facilities.

To expand their offices and to create a new data center training lab, EMC utilized one of their buildings vacant since 2001 for the expansion. The Mechanical upgrade for this 235,000 square foot facility had to be completed in phases in order to meet their needs and deadlines. EMC required the existing HVAC infrastructure to be diagnosed, upgraded and extended throughout the new office and training lab areas.

The first phase of the project involved completing the Base Building Office Fit-up of 200,000 sq ft between May and July, 2006 in order to move their employees to this new location for August 1st. For the second phase of the project EMC constructed a new 35,000 sq ft data center training lab which required 450 tons of cooling to be installed to offset the heat load being generated by the lab equipment. This phase was completed between July and December, 2006.

As the Mechanical Contractor on this project, MSI achieved the Owner’s goals with innovative design and quality craftsmanship while contending with a compressed schedule, volatile copper prices and the first of its kind installation in New England. By using the Pex system to reduce the cost of materials and installation labor of the chilled water piping system, we were able to manage price pressures without sacrificing quality.

EMC demands a high level of customer service and quality with limited disruption to their mechanical infrastructure and critical building operations. Our employees addressed the demands presented using teamwork and creative solutions to complete the project ahead of schedule, under budget and on time with nearly 3,000 man hours and no loss time accidents. We are proud of our employee’s attention to detail, dedication to jobsite safety and understanding of our customer’s needs. Without them we could not have made this project a success.

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