Hyaluron is a developer and manufacturer of biopolymer based therapeutics through partnerships with medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Hyaluron outgrew their existing building and needed to expand their facilities and manufacturing capabilities. Their ultimate goal was to establish a medical devise manufacturing facility featuring sterile formulation/fill suites and ISO Class 7 processing/packaging rooms for the commercial and clinical manufacture of drugs and medical devices before the spring of 2004.

Hyaluron located a facility in Burlington, MA that would meet their manufacturing and client growth requirements. The new facility would include a 5,500 square foot Clean Room and 11,500 square foot Support and Lab area which had to remain operational during construction to ensure no disruptions in ongoing operations.

In a contractor’s ideal world all projects would be simple, completed on time and under budget. However, in the real world we know this does not always happen. Many projects awarded prove to be more difficult than anticipated due to some unique aspect that arises whether it is design, schedule or layout changes.

For us, this project was unique from the beginning as we had to complete a reverse assembly process for fabrication and layout of piping and components for the HVAC system. Not only was it the first time our team attempted this new method of installation, we were also faced with equipment delays, piping layout redesign, replacement of damaged coils and extensive controls changes. Despite the delays and changes, no extension of time was required to complete the project. Coordination and strong commitment from everyone involved ensured the success of the project.

MSI is proud of our employee accomplishments and their ability to work in a professional manner in an environment of constant change, adverse weather conditions, fluctuating time schedules, budgetary restraints and coordination conflicts.

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