Lawrence General Hospital

Lawrence General Hospital

Lawrence General Hospital was founded in 1875 and currently operates as a not-for-profit acute care facility in Lawrence, MA. Based on their annual admissions, it has become the 21st largest hospital in Massachusetts in which the emergency department treats more than 57,000 patients per year. A variety of medical-surgical services are provided by the hospital including an ambulatory diagnostic center, comprehensive cancer program, level II newborn nursery, cardiac cauterization, advanced imaging services, laboratory, respiratory therapy and education and outreach.

Several internal renovations have been made over the past few decades as the hospital is striving to support the clinical needs of individuals as well as the community. This particular renovation consisted of the demolition of the existing steel pipes and chiller, replacing it with a new 125 ton chiller package along with the related ductwork, chilled water piping, refrigerant piping and insulation of the pipes with PVC jacketing. The seamless transition from the old chiller to the new chiller had to be completed within a four month time frame with no disruption in the hospitals day to day operations especially in the emergency room department.

For us, this project was unique from the beginning as we had to complete a reverse assembly process for fabrication and layout of piping and components for the HVAC system. Not only was it the first time our team attempted this new method of installation, we were also faced with equipment delays, piping layout redesign, replacement of damaged coils and extensive controls changes. Despite the delays and changes, no extension of time was required to complete the project. Coordination and strong commitment from everyone involved ensured the success of the project.

MSI is proud of our employee accomplishments and their ability to work in a professional manner in an environment of constant change, adverse weather conditions, fluctuating time schedules, budgetary restraints and coordination conflicts.

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