Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan Kitchen - MSI Company Project

MSI Mechanical Systems Inc. completed the second location of the Tuscan Kitchen Brands Restaurant in Burlington, Massachusetts. The restaurant located at 24 New England Executive Park, across the street from the Burlington Mall is the second restaurant for owner, Joe Faro. Plans included refitting an existing 9,000 sf of existing office space on the first floor while adding an additional 4,800 sf bump out addition.

Tuscan Brands is located in Salem, NH. Owner, Joe Faro wanted to expand to a second location in Burlington, Massachusetts. The new restaurant Joe designed started off with many challenges. MSI was asked to design the HVAC layout which included many obstacles due to space constraints. The location where Joe chose to have his new restaurant was a perfect location with high foot traffic and close proximity to a busy intersection near the Burlington Mall, but the location from a construction perspective was not ideal.

The new restaurant was located in the lobby of a commercial building. In order to have its own HVAC system, an addition was needed to create the roof space needed to place the heating & cooling units. Space was at a premium because of the proximity to the roads, so the design of the addition was tight from the start, giving MSI limited options on where to place the units. MSI also had to design the HVAC layout with space for the roof top kitchen equipment needed for the wood burning pizza oven. The design phase proved to be challenge, but MSI ultimately designed a layout that worked in the small space. Instead of only a few “normal sized” heating & cooling units typical for the sized space of the project, MSI was not afforded the luxury of endless rooftop space, so MSI designed the space for nine smaller units. Coordination on delivery and installation of the units was crucial because the building was occupied with businesses during normal hours of Monday through Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. The weekend was also not an option due to congested Mall traffic. The MSI crew scheduled the delivery of the roof top units for a weekday morning at 5:00am This would allow enough time for the crane to enter the parking lot, set up and deliver the units before anyone showed up for work that day. The units were dropped off without any issues and the crane left the project site well before the start of business at 8:00am.

Due to the limited roof space, all nine heating & cooling units were placed in one central location. This caused another preconstruction challenge for MSI. Typically, units are spread out on the roof top but with this condensed version, design of the ductwork was crucial. Joe also wanted use the ductwork as part of the design of the restaurant making the layout even more crucial. The restaurant includes multiple function room, a bar, a pizza bar with seating near the wood fired oven and a store. The system design provided no issues during the construction phase of the project and the MSI crew was able to install the ductwork without any issues, only because of the smart strategic design and layout created by MSI. The only challenge proved to be in the architectural design during MSI’s design system phase. MSI had to ensure the ductwork was placed in the ceiling away from lighting, walls and where the bar/wine room was going to be placed.

During the project MSI learned about the restaurant’s wine room which required a temperature controlled environment. MSI had never installed this type of specialized cooling unit before so they sought the expertise of a company that specialized in these types of restaurant units. MSI provided oversight on the subcontractor they hired for this work. The subcontractor worked with MSI’s project manager and no issues arose during the installation. MSI thoroughly vetted the company prior to hiring them and also took on the expenses associated with this project. 
Tuscan Kitchen’s new location in Burlington provides 543 seats, 101 of those seats will be outside.  Faro’s theme is fine Italian cuisine that consists of making everything on the menu from scratch. The new location opened in late Summer 2014.

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