Xand is a premier facilities-based provider of data center managed services and technology solutions for clients requiring exceptional uptime, performance and support for mission-critical business operations. With over 30 years of experience, Xand  has designed, built, and managed IT infrastructure services that allow enterprises to maximize their critical application performance and availability. Following Xand’s acquisition of Massachusetts-based Access Northeast and DBSi of Pennsylvania, Xand has grown to become one of the largest privately-held data center service firms in the Northeastern United States with six facilities. The acquisition forced Xand to review its footprint at its Marlborough, Massachusetts facility. They decided with the growth they needed to add an additional  data center. Second, they decided to invest in their own chillers versus leasing from its next door neighbors.

Xand requested two types of piping being installed for the HVAC units, Victaulic/groove lock. Because of this type of piping, and with a tight deadline we were forced to do a lot piping work off-site. We prefabricated hundreds of feet offsite and trucked in very large sections of piping and installed the piping in a small amount of time. Other design elements included installing all the piping inside the walls of the data center. Xand was not willing to give up any space in the actual data center and instead designed the piping to be installed internally. By designing zones for each section equipped with sensors, any leak will quickly be identified by the zone monitors. Typically our HVAC work is run through the interior of the room. Inside the Mechanical Room, we were told that the building structure couldn’t hold the weight of all the HVAC piping. We designed and constructed t steel reinforcement in order to hang all the piping. This was a slight deviation from the original scope of the project, but we quickly solved the issue.

The combination of the existing roof design and installation of the chillers made for the perfect wind tunnel. With high intense wind, the chillers would not work properly. MSI identified this problem immediately and installed wind baffles. These pieces of metal are custom designed to meet exactly this problem.

MSI’s strategy from the get go of this project was to not only meet the project needs but to exceed them. Knowing the tight timeframe and the unanticipated schedule changes during the project, our strategy was to do as much work, and testing offsite as possible. We prefabricated hundreds and hundreds of feet of piping offsite. Our strategy was not only to work harder but smarter!

“Your involvement and input throughout the design process as well as hands-on approach during the installation made the project run very smoothly and successfully. MSI understood the critical nature of the job and always had the staff available that knew what needed to be done.”

Construction Design-Build Consultant


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