Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots

MSI really wanted to help children during these tough times especially at Christmas time. So we contacted our local Marine Corp and asked how we can get involved and how can we help.

They suggested we volunteer for the Toys for Tots program for which the objectives is to help less fortunate children throughout the United States experience the joy of Christmas through the collection and distribution of new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year. This program has numerous toy drop off locations throughout the State of NH, many concentrated in the southern tier. They rely on Marine Reservists and a few dedicated volunteers to pick up the donated toys from these locations as well as sort the toys and fill the orders. This can be overwhelming for such a small group of volunteers with the most difficult task being picking up the toys from the local drop locations throughout the state.

Family Readiness Advisor, Gwen Krailo, feels "Having the MSI Mechanical trucks pick up toys was a godsend. MSI trucks were on the road each week performing a valuable service to us. They made dozens of trips on December 23rd to pick up the last of the toys, shut down the drop locations, and make deliveries last minute. This company covered hundreds of miles saving us valuable resources in manpower and gasoline so that we could provide Christmas presents to needy children."

MSI made weekly phone calls to drop-off locations in southern NH every Thursday and made the respective pick-ups on Fridays and dropped of the loads of toys at the Marine Corp located in Londonderry, NH. We had never experienced the crunch time that Toys for Tots faces every year, however on the last day December 23rd, we made approximately 15-17 loads with three vans and pickup trucks dedicated to just Toys for Tots on this particular day. We knew this was the last and final day before Christmas and we knew the located children were in need of these toys so we were committed to making this happen.